Our Responsibility

Ferroccio is built on an ideology to act with respect for environment and at the same time ensure premium quality and long lasting products. Ferroccio products are made of best leather quality and in simple designs that are made to stand the test of time. We are proud of the fact that the leather used for all Ferroccio products comes as a by product of the food industry. This ensures that NO animals are slaughtered for their skins. The tannery, from which Ferroccio gets all leather, meets strict environment quality standards. The tannery seeks to reduce their negative footprint by choosing better production methods to create beautiful long lasting leathers. The brand Ferroccio is known for its tradition of producing leather bags, garments and accessories with unique handcrafted details. All employees work under good conditions. Our goal is to make beautiful bags and at the same time make sure that the environmental impact stays at minimum. All leathers are secured ensuring good labour practice and waste management. Our design team is constantly involved in creating a range of bags and garments at accessible prices and presenting creative designs, using quality leather for everyday life. There is a great respect for all persons who work within and for the business. People are at the heart of every decision.

We have a strong representation of female employees through every level of our company. We are a flexible workplace, with over 30% of permanent staff working part-time providing flexibility to care for family, undertake volunteer work, to pursue studies, creative passions and other interests.


  • Gender equality and empowerment of girls and women
  • Equal pay and equal rights to women working with us
  • A family friendly work environment
  • Provide and support additional skills training for women workers through social advocacy organizations.
  • Promote the representation of women in management.